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5 Things which we can’t take out of a Kanyakumariyans

5 Things which we can’t take out of a Kanyakumariyans

Five things which prove that you can’t take Kanyakumari out of an kumariyan

       We all know that Kanyakumarians are spread all around the world in different parts and positions but wherever they are kanyakumarians are kanyakumarians, their love and pride for their heavenly homeland still remains same. Wherever they go they always show those individualized characters to prove they are Kanyakumarians and you can’t that Kanyakumari out of him.

1, Culinary Skills of Kumari Moms.

5 Things which we can't take out of a Kanyakumariyans

   Of course none could cook as good as any Mom. They garnish any usual food with love and care to make them the tastiest. Kanyakumari mom are little more special after all no other women could cook tasty fish curry all days life long. Even the simple dishes of a KKite tastes amazing, if they were out of Kanyakumari indeed for a long time.

2, The Accent of Kanyakumariyans 

kanyakumari Beach Kids
Credits: Kals Pics

      Our accent or slang is unique and some of us are really proud of it. But not all of us all time. Some are usually hesitant to speak in our accent when they are out of Kumari. But no matter how hard they try to hide their accent some word n accent of few words pop off our mouth. You can’t really hide your kumarian dude.

3, Pride and love to the home Land.

Kanyakumari Sunrise - Things to do in kanyakumari
Credits: Amith Nag

      May be an old quote, but “East or West, Home is best”. Of course all are proud of their home land but the pride kumarian have over his land is something extreme, sometimes even haughty. But never mind that’s just because of love we have to our home. One can’t simply take out that love and pride from us Even though if we are in claimed best places of the world.

4, Tradition and habits

Kanyakumari - Maiden of the South

          “Be a Roman if you are in Rome”, true right! Yup we all change a bit to adjust the environment once we are out of our home. After all we have to be fittest to get survived. But something never changes or you can’t take out of a KKite. The way we worship, cultural identities, wearing religious marks, using coconut oil and many more can’t be taken out from a kumarian no matter wherever he is.

5, Adaptability of a Kanyakumariyans

Although we belong to a much pleasant heavenly land where anyone can easily survive, we Kumarians got a special skill of apating to any kind of environment, either hot or cold deserts, rural or urban we always adapt to it which many a man can’t. This amazing skill cannot be taken out of a Kanyakumariyans even after generations..

5 Things which we can’t take out of a Kanyakumariyans

Article by : Shabin.C Surya




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