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Alluring Kanyakumari - Maiden of the South

Alluring Kanyakumari – Maiden of the South

       Kanyakumari is the southern-most tip of the Indian sub-continent. It is one of the famous tourist destinations of the state, Tamil Nadu. It is the priced jewel of South India next to only God’s own country, Kerala. The diverse culture of Kanyakumari makes it the essential core for the Dravidian culture. But what makes Kanyakumari an exuberant beauty? What makes it different from other Tamil districts? I would like to share my view of this heaven on Earth for you. Check below for Alluring Kanyakumari – Maiden of the South.

The history

      Kanyakumari was called Cape Comorin during the British Raj. It played a key role in the trade between the British India and various other countries. It had a bustling coastal line with the ever growing fishing industry and the main land crowded with coconut trees. It was a part of the princely state of Travancore which was then controlled by the Royal house of the Travancore dynasty.


The Padmanabapuram Place is still in the control of the Kerala state tourism. Kanyakumari was bargained to Tamil Nadu during the period of chief minister K.Kamarajar. It was brought to Tamil Nadu with the expense of Munnar to Kerala.

Geographical View

      Kanyakumari shares most of its geographical features with the neighboring state, Kerala. It is guarded by the Western Ghats. Aralvaimozhi is the meeting point for the Eastern and Western Ghats. The famous Chittar lake borders at the east of Kanyakumari. It shares the borders with Thirunelveli in the north eastern part, Kerala in the western and south-western part and the Indian ocean at the south. Although, Kanyakumari  does not have back waters, most fresh water fishes from Kerala are available in Kanyakumari  too.

Religion and festivals

Suchindram Car Festival

     Hinduism is dominantly practiced in Kanyakumari . With the arrival of missionaries Christianity spread its wings in the coastal regions of Kanyakumari  and Islam is practiced next to Christianity. It is also home to the very specific, Ayyavazhi. The famous Ayya Vaikunta Avataram is celebrated by the Ayyavazhis. The Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Amman Kovil festival is celebrated throughout the district and devotees from Kerala flock to the temple and a temple fair is held for 10 days. Special transport is arranged. Christmas is next widely celebrated festival.

Kanyakumari - Maiden of the South

Kanyakumari  is home to more 300 churches. Every church has its own traditions of celebrating Christmas and every home is decorated with Christmas tree. People also celebrate Onam.


    Kanyakumari food scenes is home grown i.e. whatever food you see on street is the product of mothers and ammamas recipes that’s been developed over years. The main food items you see on every menu in Kanyakumari  is tapioca, fish, beef, parotta and appam. The legendary combo of Maravazhi kilangu and fish curry is considered one of the staples of Kanyakumari . Each house has it owns secret recipe for appam. What biriyani is to every Chennaiite , is Beef is to Kanyakumarian. Nendira Pazha chips are the favorite tea time snacks.


   From Thiruvazhuvar statue to Mathur dam this place has everything! Kanyakumari is perhaps famous for the Vivekananda rock and Thiruvazhuvar statue but did you know it’s also place to a reserved forest near the Western Ghats. The Mathur Aqueduct  and was built by the late CM Kamarajar. And finally the timeless beauty – Padmanabapuram place which is situated en route to Thirparapu falls.


Kanyakumari Monsoon

    It has a tropical climate and the relationship between rain and Kanyakumari  is beautifully strung out ballad. It is hottest in May and coldest in December. The south western monsoons begin in Kerala and flow across Kanyakumari  during the month of June.


 We Kanyakumarians are proud of our rich culture which is a mix of Tamil and Malayali traditions. People here are not bound by caste and creed but by love and hospitality. Nowhere in the world would you see people of two entirely different cultural backgrounds living in so much peace and harmony.

Enna thaan city la vazhandhalum, ooruku pora sogame thani makka

Alluring Kanyakumari – Maiden of the South

Words by: Shiny Dhas



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