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Buy Nagercoil Chips Online

Buy Nagercoil Chips Online

Nagercoil Banana chips is one of the most favorite snacks available in Kanyakumari District. Special banana chips is prepared with ever lasting taste which will make you feel crazy over it. This special snacks is prepared with hi quality banana and oil . As a result our consumers feel the real taste of tradition. buy nagercoil chips online (The Taste of Namjil Nadu)

Buy Nagercoil Chips Online

Buy Nagercoil Chips Online here!

Nagercoil upperi

Nagercoil upperi a.k.a sarkara varatti is a delicacy moulded out of the finest unripe bananas which are chopped into solid chunks and deep fried in rich coconut oil. The pieces are then dipped in jaggery syrup and freckled with condiment to give this snack its exclusive sweet-spicy flavour. Besides, it’s enriched with iron and other minerals which renders it a perfect nutritious snack, particularly for growing children.

Nagercoil Upperi

Nagercoil Jackfruit Chips

This delicate snack is made out of mature, unripe jack fruits. Pulpy jackets are meticulously hand picked, diced into slender juliennes of around 4 to 5 mm thickness, deep fried in coconut oil, salted and served with its distinctive golden glow.

Nagercoil Chips Online


These banana chips are prepared from a unique variety of bananas called nenthirangai. The unripe bananas are peeled and sliced as thin circular wafers, sprinkled with salt and turmeric powder, dried in shade and lastly deep fried in coconut oil. The flavour, colour and aroma of these chips are just intoxicating. Our Kanyakumari is famous for it’s Banana Chips. People visiting Kanyakumari for the first time should try  because for the taste &  for the fame of  Nagercoil Chips.

Because of the awesome taste of the coconut oil which is been used to fry those chips. Chips filled with light amount of salt & pepper that would be added to bring it’s flavor. This will never fail to make someone to fall in love with Banana Chips.

Our Nagercoil banana chips is made is another great experience you can’t easily get to see anywhere other than Kanyakumari.

Nagercoil ChipsThrow yourself out of your comfort zone; come with us to explore the land of “Triveni sangam”. Explore the unique land, with sea breeze and lush green forest around.Here are some lists of Places To Visit In Kanyakumari & travel destination plans, let get started. Here we listed few Famous Food Items Of Kanyakumari.

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