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Chitharal Jain Temple Kanyakumari

The Chitharal Jain Temple Kanyakumari are arranged in a little town orchestrated at a partition of 7 km from Marthandam and 55 km from Kanyakumari. Chitharal is irrefutably known as Thirucharanathupalli – the abode Jain pastors having a put in with Digambara request. It is surely understood for the hillock which has a natural hollow containing rock-cut models of Thirthankaras and expert divine beings cut inside and outside retreating to the ninth century.

chitharal jain temple kanyakumari

Jain sway around there was a direct result of the Jain King Mahendra Verman-I (610-640).It was changed over into a Bagavathy Temple in the thirteenth Century A.D. Chitharal slants are secretly called Chokkanthoongi Hills. In a matter of seconds this spot is acclaimed as Malaikoil. The asylum is a guaranteed milestone under Archeological Survey of India (ASI). A ton of visitors visits and welcome the gloriousness of Chitharal Jain Temple Kanyakumari  incline and surrender asylum.

chithral malai kovil

Visit the spot as an explorer not as a guest. There are 9 stone engravings inTamil vattezheutthu, sanskrit and Malayalam doing a reversal to ninth Century A.D. Chitharal-A little town discovered 55km a long way from Kanyakumari. The spot is doubtlessly comprehendedfor its hillocks and out of date Jain Temples. These havens of Jain Deities’ which were thought to be verifiable ninth century AD, and these models are the guideline interest in Chitharal. In like manner these models are irrefutably known as Thirucharanathupalli, and are orchestrated inside the gaps on a long Hill.

Chitharal Jain Temple kanyakumari  Location

At the foot of the Chitharal Jain Temple Kanyakumari  Thirucharanmalai hillock, one can see a delightful Kerala Style Arch made of rocks and is the starting phase of your Trek. The air and the signs at the foot won’t give you any indication of a Hard Climb ahead. So be orchestrated a hard douse move of a 800 meters. It will be better, if you select a day with sun is not sharp. All over the place all through the trekking time one can see a couple solid seats to sit, however the most sultry sun won’t allow you to sit on them. Splendid sprouts and a couple trees with red and yellow blooms around these seats complets the excellent.


Quickly, a request will develop in you, why we persevere through all these…? The answer is, after these grand excursion you are going to some other time. Since, Chitharal is one of the last couple of remainders of Jainism. A couple of years earlier, this stone holy place was an explorer spot for the Jains’. Around the season of the rot of Jainism in the midst of the precept of the Cholas in the eleventh Century, it is assumed that Chandragupta Maurya, nearby a Jain tightfisted Badrabhahu, came to Sravanabelagola in 298 BC.


Their supporters made a trek to this locale to spread Jainism and picked the hillock for examination. It was, regardless, changed over into a Hindu asylum in 1250A.D., and a photo of Bhagavathy was presented. The top slant, in this way named, Thirucharanmalai, infers `the slant grand to the charanas’. The whole unpleasant domain is cut with Jain divinities’ photos and is moreover a bit of old fashioned. Orderly directions to arrive: Chitharal (moreover spelt Chidaral) is 55km from Kanyakumari, 36km from Nagercoil and 7km from Marthandam. The philosophy road is from Kandapuram, inciting Elanthavilas. Chitharal is discovered absolutely 4km North East of Kuzhithurai



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