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Famous Food Items Of Kanyakumari

Famous Food Items Of Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, which was famous as “Cape Comorin” in the past, is situated in Tamil Nadu, India. The town is located at the southernmost tip of Indian mainland. Kanyakumari rests at the position where the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea join. Here we listed few Famous Food Items Of Kanyakumari.

  1. Banana Chips (Buy Online here)

Nagercoil Chips

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Our Kanyakumari is famous for it’s Banana Chips. Anyone who comes to visit Kanyakumari for the first time will be surely impressed and attracted to the taste and the fame for Banana Chips.  The pleasant aroma of the coconut oil which is been used to fry those chips and the light amount of salt and pepper that would be added to bring it’s flavor will never fail to make someone to fall in love with Banana Chips. And to see how banana chips is made is another great experience that you can’t easily get to see anywhere other than Kanyakumari.

  1. Kothu Parotta ( Minced Parotta)

kanyakumari Kothu Parotta

Hotels in Kanyakumari have a unique specification. If you are new to Kanyakumari and walking out at an evening you may hear some weird sounds of hitting irons from the hotels. Don’t be panic. It simply means the chef in that hotel is making Kothu Parotta or Minced Parotta. You may get Parottas everywhere. But you can’t find the substitute for Kanyakumari’s Kothu Parotta. If you see how it is made, you will be surprised to see the fast moving hands of our local chefs over the parottas to mince it along with some chicken or eggs or as you ask.

  1. Appam

 kanyakumari appam

You might have heard about Dosa. But Appam is Kanyakumari’s recipe that you won’t easily find elsewhere. The mixture used to make Appam is top secret. It is made on a wok and fry cooked one side and steam cooked on the other.

  1. Pazha Sarbath

Pazha Sarbath

Wanna beat the heat? Pazha sarbath is available for you in our Kanyakumari. Normally you can see those shops on roadsides during summer. This is made out of mixture of fruits like Banana, Apple, Pineapple, Grapes, Pomegranates and so on which is been minced nicely and mixed with ice and sarbath. It will surely keep you hydrated and energetic and helps you to beat the summer.

  1. Aval (Beaten Rice)

Famous Food Items Of Kanyakumari aval

We call Beaten Rice as Aval in Tamil language. In North India it is known as Poha. Beaten Rice is so famous in Indian sub continental region. In North India we will get spicy, yellow colored Poha with some Namkins to add the flavor. But we KKians have our own style of making. It is made by sprinkling water over the Beaten Rice and adding coconut and jiggery. You won’t get this recipe in any hotels. It is homemade dish.

  1. Semiya (Vermicelli) Payasam

semiya payasam

Semiya Payaasam is one of the favorite desserts of Kanyakumari people which will be basically served after the food. It is sweet in taste and most commonly made and served in all functions. Unlike other Payasams (keer); Semiya (Vermicelli) Payasam is easy to make.

  1. Pazha Bajji

pazha bajji

Another uniqueness of Kanyakumari District. It’s called Pazha Bajji. If you go to a local tea stall, you could see some small yellow colored cylindrical edibles. Yeah! That is Pazha Bajji. Ripened bananas were dipped into Maida batter and fried till they turn yellow. To get into the banana you must first go through the yellow batter and finally you will get to taste the banana. It will surely be a new experience for outsiders.

  1. Maravazhi kilangu (Tapioca Cassava) With Fish

Famous Food Items Of Kanyakumari

Tapioca is mostly cultivated in Kaniyakumari. When this season comes, farmers dig it out from the field and sell it freshly. Tapioca will be peeled and cut into pieces and boiled in water with salt for taste. When it is been cooked properly, water will be removed and served with Fish Curry.

  1. Palm Fruit Juice (Nungu Sarbath)

nagercoil Nungu Sarbath

This is a healthy natural drink that you can find on the roadsides of Kanyakumari during summer. Palm fruits are mixed with Sarbath and some chilling ice and it’s ready to serve. It is helpful to reduce painful urinations, heart rashes and acidity. So you must try to have this when you are there in Kanyakumari

  1. Jackfruits

Famous Food Items Of Kanyakumari

Well there are many verities of Jackfruits found in Kanyakumari. So are so reddish in color and some are yellow. Some are large in size and others are very small. Ripened Jackfruits are sold in markets. And chips are made from unripe Jackfruits which would be served as snacks with tea. For Kanyakumari travel we gives the best option.

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Famous Food Items Of Kanyakumari

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