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Festivals In Kanyakumari

Festivals In Kanyakumari

The Suchindram Thanumalayan Temple (Sthanumalayan Temple ) is of importance Festivals In Kanyakumari  to Shaivaite and Vaishnavite Sects of Hinduism. The name Stanumalaya denotes trimurtis; “Stanu” means Siva; “Mal” means Vishnu; and the “Aya” means Brahma(SIVAVISHNUBRAHMA MEANS “SUSINDARAN” MEANS “ROTATING SUN”.The representation of the three central gods of Hinduism in one Linga makes it one of the unique temple in India.

Suchindram Car Festival

suchindram car festival

Festivals In Kanyakumari

The 10 day Car Festival celebrated in this temple during between December and January every year attracts crowds of thousands of people. Another festival known as Teppam is celebrated during between April and May every year. The Sanskrit work Sucindrastalamahatmya gives a full fledged legendary account of the origin and development of this temple.

suchindram car festival kanyakumari

Golden Car Festival Kanyakumari

This is the golden car festival for our lady of ransom in kanyakumari, tamilnadu, india. celebrating in associate degree indianised approach. the small car contains saint joseph and mother Mary follows in an exceedingly larger car.they start regarding 5.30 am and reach back the church solely at fall when going round the village that contains chiefly fisherfolk. usually natives invite their youngsters married off to alternative places and relatives to kanyakumari throughout this competition. we will resolve whether or not fishing was sensible that season by the approach the individuals pay and their dresses throughout the competition. those that visit kanyakumari throughout December do not miss this festivals in kanyakumari.

Golden Car Festival Kanyakumari

St. Xavier’s Cathedral, Kottar Church Festival

The First Church dedicated to St. Francis Xavier in the world! St. Xavier’s Cathedral (Kottar), it dates back to 16th century dedicated to St.Francis Xavier. St. Francis Xavier, Professor from Paris, came to the southern tip of the peninsula in 1543 to work among the Paravars. In 1544 he baptized more than 10,000 Paravars along the coast of Travancore from Thutur to Pallam. It is said that the Maharaja of Travancore gladly gave his consent to the conversion out of gratitude for the saint who, armed only with a crucifix, forced the invading Badagas to retreat at Vadasery. Thus Christianity flourished with the help of the then Maharajah of Travancore, Unni Kerala Varma. In the year 1544, a small church was built by St. Francis Xavier with the help of the then Travancore king (This chapel for Mother Mary is still prevented as a part of St. Xavier’s Cathedral, Kottar, where continuous 12 hours adoration is carried out daily in week days). Credits : Kottar Church



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