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It’s Christmas time in Kanyakumari

It’s Christmas time in Kanyakumari

The joy of happiness sets in each and everyone’s hearts the moment we realise that the advent season has come…yeah “ It’s Christmas time in Kanyakumari ” the time for us to welcome the baby Jesus inside our cribs. Special are the Christmas, which is celebrated with friends and families in our hometown. Here we give you why Christmas is so special is namma oooru…


The just finished end semesters and half yearly exams are well paid off with the joy of setting up the cribs with friends in the street corners. Besides the heavy competition of “the best crib” the untiring efforts of night stay in decorating things along with those small chit chats with friends who have just arrived from different cities for the Christmas holidays are the crown of happy moments of Christmas day celebrations in namma ooru. (P.S. getting “unparliamentary” words from the next door aunty and uncle for those loud jarring songs during Christmas nights is also an memory)

Christmas Cribs of Kanyakumari


The real celebration of Christmas starts soon after the mass ends….that’s when the pomp show of each street is exhibited. “chenda melam” outside the church engulfs everyone into the celebration mode. Hanging around with friends to other streets, to pay visit of different cribs and, the epic moment is when you dance with your pals and paying no attention to anybody….reaching home early in the morning after back to back fun with friends completes the Christmas eve.

It’s Christmas time in Kanyakumari


No Christmas is complete without going to beach; it’s a tradition or per say a “Kanyakumari” thing….. on the day of Christmas evening families friends and neighbour going to beach is a kind of partying or socializing for us…and for friends the joy it brings the bike ride along the coastline to visit beaches are the best memories in their Christmas diary.



Be it a Hindu friend or a Muslim friend Christmas is just everyone’s festival… be it a bike ride to visit “muttom” or “colachel” the land cribs collection, more than us say he will be the one who will be more enthusiastic….they may go to temples or mosques but still Christmas is “OUR” festival, which is some unique factor in our land.

Starting from the Christmas bell to the Christmas dress, every little things which reminds us the “Christmas season” will always plays a memory cord which takes us back to the celebration mode, especially to namma orru christmas…….so KEEP CALM AND ROCK THE CHRISTMAS SEASON……

It’s Christmas time in Kanyakumari

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