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5 Things which we can't take out of a Kanyakumariyans

Meen Kuzhambu– The Real Taste of Kanyakumari.

          When people from across the globe, spread along the land of trisea, Kanyakumari to enrich their aesthetic senses, alongside our heroine, the majestic rising sun is welcomed by the yellowish orange carpet by the dashing sky. This scenario is perfectly captured into a pocket size by the women in their kitchen in this unique land.

          I know you all would have taken aback by this exotic comparison but I tell you in this article why this comparison really holds the taste of this land. And myself hailing from this same unique land I don’t think anybody else can explain it better than me (and If I don’t I’m sorry boss, better luck next time P.S. (“ennaya sonnen”)

Kanyakumari Fishing

         The meen kuzhambu (the fish curry) is one of the foremost cuisines of this land. Fishing being the major occupation varieties of fish falls prey into the crockeries of all the houses. As mentioned earlier the scenario of the dashing sky in welcoming the sun is the exact comparison that flashes into my mind when I think about meen kuzhambu.

Meen Kuzhambu– The Real Taste of Kanyakumari.

             Whenever I’m back in my hometown the moment my amma says “just go check whether the fish curry got the yellowish orange layer on top” I run into the kitchen just to inhale aroma that fills the entire house. For those of you have experienced this scene would now got my earlier comparison. When the fish is rightly cooked and perfectly fine to be treated on the table the entire curry overwhelmed with the joy dances inside the pan and spreads its yellowish orange carpet just like the sky.

Kanyakumari fish curry art

“If meen kuzhambu is an art Kanyakumari mothers are Picasso in it” this phrase sums up the real taste of our land. The ingredient used for one fish need not be the same for the other. The masala and the adding will differ though the final product is said to be the meen kuzhambu that’s why the women of this land is rightly called as an “artist”. Instance for “Anchovy”(nethili meen) curry raw mango and drumstick will be added along with the masala, while preparing crab(nandu kuzhambu) or cuttle(kanava) different masala will be added only an artist knows how exactly the things should be added up and thus Kanyakumari women are Picasso in doing so.

kanyakumari and fish culture

If kanyakumarians were to be stereotyped according to their food habits meen kuzhambu will be the finest label. Whatever may be the main dish fish curry is must. People like me who get to fly once in a while to our native land the first demand will dealt on phone will be this “amma tomorrows breakfast should be kelangu, nandu and meen”( tapioca, crab and fish) without fulfilling this demand no returning back from the land.

Fish becomes a very part of our routine food habits, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner some sort of dish made of fish would be there on the table. Almost all the house’s freezer will have at least a small stain left by the fish blood or cuttle’s.

Meen kuzhambu is not just a food but an emotion for us kanyakumarians. The rice and tapioca recalls our hardship of our agriculture labors and the fish reminds us of our fellow sea kings. It also evokes a sense of culture and ethnic background we people hail from. So those of you who have plans for visiting the land of trisea please do treat your tummy with the “real taste of Kanyakumari”.

MEEN KUZHAMBU –The real taste of Kanyakumari.

Article by : Kanyakumari Memes  Admin #Hera



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