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Kanyakumari Tour Packages

Kanyakumari Tour Packages

Throw yourself out of your comfort zone; come with us to explore the land of “Triveni sangam”.  Kanyakumari tour packages invite you to rejuvenate your mind and soul. Make us your travel partner and explore the unique land, with sea breeze and lush green forest around.

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Kanyakumari Tour Packages



We are people from kanyakumari itself, we operate in and around the region. All the arrangements are made by our own team members, who are closely connected so there is no room for bad time management or lack of communication. Since we are operating inside kanyakumari, for anything and everything, contacting us will be an easy task.

We act as an agents, which means we do “outsourcing”(we put our clients to our known local travel agencies) and also act as an travel guide, where we accompany our clients throughout the trip.


The tourists, who wishes to explore Kanyakumari with us should contact us for book Kanyakumari Tour Packages , with all the necessary details, such as how many days that they are about to spend in kanyakumari, how many members are about to come and what would be their tour package range (monetary range).

Once the tourists are arrived in Kanyakumari, we would take them according to our travel plan (this can be flexible; if the client wants to alter it they can make the changes). If the client wants a guide to accompany them throughout we make the arrangements, a local member would join them.


Foremost, for us arranging tours and travels is not a business but a way to promote kanyakumari’s tourism. So we take our clients to that extra mile, which means, we make them to explore kanyakumari in detail. Since our team members are from the same land we take our clients to the places which, only the local people are said to be known.

Adventure is worthwhile”, unveil the true adventurer in you, because money cannot follow you till the end, but memories can stay forever. Here is a list of 9 places to create your memories, with friends and family. TRAVEL, EXPLORE AND LOOK BEYOND………

Throw yourself out of the comfort zone, let’s listen to the rhythm of the waters, the silence of the mountains, the whisper of the winds, let’s have a journey to rejuvenate our souls. We invites you to witness the nature’s wonder amidst the lush green forest, presenting you a ONE DAY TREK to “Kalikesam”, the abode of scenic splendor

kalikesam ecotourism package

We brings you an exciting “ONE DAY” picnic package to one of the absolutely stunning places in Kanyakumari, the MUTTOM BEACH. Come and seek the showers of energy and peace, that the deep blue sea holds for your soul, let the sea cures you…..

Kanyakumari Tour Package

About the destination

Muttom is a hamlet in Kanyakumari district, known for its captivating beach view and the lighthouse, which was built by the British and said to be 100 years old. It is 16 kms away from nagercoil, Muttom beach stands as an epitome among all the beaches in Kanaykumari district. Alluring scenic beauty, ravishing sun kissing the deep blue sea, every waves that hits the shore promise you to seize your heart. Magic of romance is spread all over the beach to keep you to.