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Things that every Kanyakumarians childhood was adorned with

Growing up in kanyakumari there are some commonalities that we kanyakumarians in our childhood share with. Besides hailing from the house of government employees, majority of the children of kanyakumari are either from coastal areas or from agricultural areas, although the landscape and background varies some traits could be easily related by all of us….Here we go

The joy of power cut

Kanyakumari powercut

If you were just returned home after a heavy punishment you had in the tuition, the power cut is your stress buster. Everyone from your neighbourhood will assemble near the post light “paatam” (hide and seek) will be everyone’s choice. Another corner where you would hear “orru kodam thanni edutthu oru poo pothachi”. Gone are the days, now whenever there is a power shut down for 10 minutes you could here children’s say gosh!!!! I’m running out of charger. So pat yourself children’s of 90’s we had a fulfilled power cuts.

Choppu jaaman (kids kitchen playset)

If you are boy also you must accept it, growing up in your early childhood days you would have definitely took part in this play with your neighbourhood girls and boys. Especially the joy is thrilled when someone gets us new kitchen sets from the “thiruvilla kadai” (shopped during temple/church festival).

Golden era of television

Kanyakumari 90s kids

Without of watching “jee boomba”, “shakthiman”, or the charming “Vicky” the robot in “small wonder” or the animated vedhalam from “vikramadhithya” our parents would have had a hell out with our siblings fight. Thank god for these golden shows which united our siblings, I think that was the only time my mouth were shut from abusing my elder brother…( I can hear so many voices saying yes now).

Weekend mission

kanyakumari crab and mussels

If you were lucky to be brought up near seashore area, I’m one such lucky girl so this “weekend mission” is dedicated for all of us. Going to the seashore to catch and “nandu” (crab) especially, everyone’s favourite “chippi/kallikka” (mussels) and bring it home is the amusement of weekends to escape from Mondays homework.

School van days

90s school van

The first ever lonely trip you take is none other than your trip to school, besides anguish cry of your neighbours kid all that would be in your mind is “jannal seat’(the window seat). The school van trips to interior areas and places to pick children will be something special in all of us.

Memories of “oor school” (near by school)

Memories of “oor school”

If you were studied in our “oor school” either government or church managements’ school you will know the happiness of amma bringing hot lunch and most of the times it’s our own fish curry. The joy of walking back home on Friday evening, the distress of carrying report sheet on the bags, the double dammaka leave for local festivals were some “memories” to be carried in hearts forever.

kanyakumari Beach Kids
Credits: Kals Pics

Growing up in village and that too be in a place like namma kumari childhood intertwined with our surrounding environment and neighbourhood…as magakavi “Bharathi” righty said

kaalai ezhunthathudan padippu – pinbu

Kanivu kodukkum nalla paatu

Maalai muzhuvathum vilaiyattu – endru

Vazhakka paduthi kollu papa”

This scenario is well pictured in all Kanyakumarians early life, again give a pat for yourself for accomplishing an awesome friends filled childhood in streets and not in facebook…..

Things that every Kanyakumarians childhood was adorned with

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