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Things to do in Kanyakumari Beach

Things to do in Kanyakumari Beach

Kanniyakumari (AKA) Kanyakumari, the southern tip of peninsular India popularly known as “cape comorin” Surrounded by three mighty oceans The Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and The Indian Ocean marks the region of kanniyakumari as a geographical and historical epitome of India.An array of historical monuments are situated along the sea shore blended with the scenic beauty of “naanjil naadu” showcases the art and culture of this region. Here are the few Things to do in Kanyakumari beach and around.


There are a few areas that get to be tourist hot spots because of their cultural relevance  or recorded noteworthiness, like wise a place is Kanyakumari Sunrise, yet there are some that appreciate huge support attributable to their topographical position!

Kanyakumari Sunrise - Things to do in kanyakumari
Credits: Amith Nag


( Thiruvalluvar statue and The Vivekananda rock memorial)

Situated in the middle of the mighty tri sea, and kissed by the giant waves the renowned tamizh philosopher’s statue stands proud exclaiming the richness of thamizh literature. We can take pride in saying like “Christ the redeemer” in Rio de janeiro and “the statue of liberty” in USA it is “the statue of valluvan” for kanniyakumari.

Photo Credits : Amith Nag
Photo Credits : Amith Nag

Little away from the statue stands another artistic splendour the memorial rock for Vivekananda, built in memory of swami vivekananda. This memorial comprises of two rocks and a memorial mandapam on top of it and also a “Dhyana mandapam” inside the rock memorial. There are also several Hindu legends associated with this rock.

Vivekananda rock memorial-Things to do in Kanyakumari
Credits: Brent Olson

The “poompukaar” boat service by the government is an excellent service provider for the tourist to witness the raw scenic beauty of the Cape Comorin along with these twin memorial towers.

Kanyakumari Boating
Credits: Andrew Johnson


You can witness a number of “eye stoppers” while walking along the beach. An array of memorial buildings from Gandhi memorial,the place where his ashes were kept before immersion.

Kanyakumari- Gandhi Memorial Mandapam

The kamarajar memorial where the unseen photographs are exhibited. Besides the memorial junctions the pride bound region unfolds its apex scenic beauty, the only point where you can witness the “sunrise” and the “sunset” at the same time.

Kanyakumari Sunset - Things to do in kanyakumari

 An eye capturing light house in the middle of a long narrow road, kerala guest house scenic beauty of full stretched beach with a sea breeze caressing your body makes any tourist fall for this spot as a favourite holiday destination.

“If you are called a”historian” kind by your pals ” kanyakumari meuseum” is your next eye stopper along the beach road..the things preserved in the meuseum would defenetly take you back to the tribal naangil desam

kanyakumari museum


Kanniyakumari is known for its unity in religious aspects. The ancient Hindu temple “The bagavathi amman temple” and all other minor significant Hindu religious ashrams and religious mandapams are situated around the beach.

The bagavathi amman temple
Credits : Yesmk Photography

The history the temple holds is as as old as the region itself. The relationship between the Christian and the Hindus of this region will be evident among the people during the temple annual festivals.

Our Lady of Ransom Church, Kanyakumari

Visitors of kanniyakumari not only witness the people’s admiration of “Tri Sea” of the land but also witness the unity of the “tri religion”. Yes, the tall ancient church “our lady of ransom” stands to mark the unity of the “tri religion” where people of all religion with utmost faith believe in the miracles of the church.


There are several spots specially designed for the small kids. From the kids favourite destination of theme park “bay watch” to the children’s park. And for those adventure kids it’s definitely the “horse riding” along the beach or the fun bath in the tri sea.

Things to do in Kanyakumari
Credits: Aleksi Lausti

Also numbers of open parks, museum, and fish exhibitions were around the beach for their entertainment.


On this things to do in Kanyakumari, If you are a “classic” lover and a person who is an untiring shopper I’m sure you love kanniyakumari beach shopping. Wide varieties of products from handlooms to coconut shell products.

Kanyakumari Shell Shops

Conch one among the favourite souvenir bought by all the tourists of kanniyakumari.  Series of shops put across the sea shores which make you to carry an extra luggage when you leave kanniyakumari.

Kanyakumari shopping

And for women and kids it’s double actually!!!!


The other most important things to do in kanyakumari is here. Being a coastal area sea foods are the major foodies in kanniyakumari. The smell of fresh fish fry is always present in the breeze along the sea shore. For the sea food lovers’ kanniyakumari would be heaven.


Wide ranges and rare varieties of sea foods can be a real treat to your taste buds.

Things to do in Kanyakumari - Kanyakumari Bajji



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