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Weekend Road Trips Around Kanyakumari

“Adventure is worthwhile”, unveil the true adventurer in you, because money cannot follow you till the end, but memories can stay forever. Here is a list of 9 Weekend Road Trips Around Kanyakumari to create your memories, with friends and family. TRAVEL, EXPLORE AND LOOK BEYOND………


Weekend Road Trips Around Kanyakumari

A coastal town from “Gods own country”, Kerala. This land stretches towards the south of Trivandrum, the state’s capital. The endless sight of coconut tree along with the sea breeze has the power to lift you above to an entirely different space from the earth. The “light house beach” is a pure bliss for nature lovers. The waves at this beach are perfect for “surfing” and wooden catamarans boat rides are also available. Exploring this place with family will find a special place in your family drip diaries. Summer vacation is on the way, kovalam beach is waiting to embrace you…



The land which holds “respect” in its very name, thiru nelveli, the destination for “halwa”devotees. Also known as nellai, this land is located on the west bank of thamirabarani. Rivers, waterfalls, lakes are in abundance which attracts many tourists to this halwa land. One of the south tamilnadu’s shopping hub as it has several renowned textile shops in its credit. Palayamkottai and vannarapettai are some of the important areas in trinelveli, also the highway the stretches between trinelveli and thoothukudi is one of the favorite place for young bike riders.  … Have gang and gotta bike with you, halwa land is calling you out…


poovar kanyakumari

The name of this place literally means “flower river”. this is one of the best Weekend Road Trips Around Kanyakumari, Situated in the southern tip of Kerala, and little away from kovalam, this land is best known for backwater boating and the splendid view of the beach on the other side shore. The main attraction of poovar its uniqueness of having the backwater river, the lake and the Arabian sea merging together in one place, which can only be seen in poovar. BACKWATER CRUISE, hits the list of ‘things to do in poovar’, where you can choose boats for your own exploration, while cruising one can spot various water birds and nature’s enormous work of flora. Planning to surprise your partner, this destination will help you with millions of ways.


Ponmudi from kanyakumari

One of the best Weekend Road Trips Around Kanyakumari for Bikers, This enchanting hill station is a part of Western Ghats located in Trivandrum. Mother Nature’s abundant love is showered in this hill. Lush green forest, crystal clear water resources, golden sand and what not?  River kallar and Meenmutty falls are also yet another must visit places nearby, “Agasthyarkoodam” one of the highest peaks of Western Ghats are part of ponmudi hills. Trekking, Rock climbing, Mountaineering are some of the important activity do be done here.  Got some adventurous friends? Backpacks done trekking mode on…



Besides “halwa” trirunelveli is known for its majestic falls, which is said to posses the Ayurvedic healing properties. Courtallam has nine waterfalls in its credit, and three major waterfalls such as “The tiger falls, “the main falls” and “The five falls”. The famous lines “kutthala aruviyile kulichathu pol irkukutha” should be experienced by everyone to witness the refreshing and spin chilling moment under the falls. Stressed, work pleasure… courtallam is there to rejuvenate your every cell….


kumbavuruti falls

This mesmerizing waterfall is located in aruvuppulam of kollam district, kerala. This waterfall is very close to the thick lush green “konni” forest thus stands out to provide an extraordinary visual treat to the travelers en route to this falls. Lucky enough the travelers may get to see the wild animals passing the way. National geography channel, Animal planet, is your choice then no wait, let set go to witness your mini live wild life exploration.



Located on top of the manimuthaar dam, in trinelveli district, this hill is set deep within the Western Ghats. Manjolai hills majorly comprises of tea plantations and indeed a spectacular view to walk between them. This hill is not less than ooty in the scenic view thus known as the “poor man’s ooty”. Imagine sipping a hot cup of coffee and walking around the nature’s stunning greenery and the rhythm of birds chipping as Bgm..



Located on the slope of the western ghats of sivagiri town in trineveli district. A perfect picnic spot to enjoy with bunch of family members and friends. This waterfall has to be reached by few minutes’ walk accompanied by nature’s wonderful art. Young or old this waterfall will make everyone a kid again. Think summer vacation Think thalaiyanai.



Varkala, also known as “papanasam beach” is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, situated in the outskirts of Trivandrum, kerala. Varkala beach is truly a heaven on earth, the stunning beauty of landscapes, brown sands, and the cliff extending towards the Arabian Sea makes it outstanding among the other beaches. Its adventurous sports are renowned worldwide. The striking sunset view is yet another bliss. Ayurvedic massage, spas are available for those who want to free their body and soul. For ‘shopaholics’ there is an interesting place where they make own clothes from raw silks and also numerous varieties of skirts and materials are available. Besides clothing, spices tea varieties are also made available. Newly married couple? Bunch of adventurous friends? Need a quiet calm environment to soothe your body and mind Varkala welcomes you.

Weekend Road Trips Around Kanyakumari

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